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raisin bread

Raisin Bread

          And then found a way to get rid of raisins and raisin bread Add fresh milk and sugar. What is indispensable is black currant. Raisin Bread Ingredients Bread Flour 480 g 120 grams of cake flour 10 grams of yeast Milk 310 grams 150 grams of

cocoa bread

Cocoa Bread

Original flavor pound bread, anyone can eat it, should you switch to make some cocoa bread? This recipe adds cocoa powder to bread flour along with powdered milk. Add vegetable oil as well. Mold into loaves, put into bread mold. When baking until cooked, cut a thick sheet ready

cream cheese bread

Cream Cheese bread

Who has leftover cream cheese to make cream cheese bread? Comes with a method of making wet powder What is special is the cream cheese is mixed with bread crumbs. If you want to know how delicious it is, let’s do it. Yudane wet powder ingredients 50 grams

Twist Loaf Bread

Twist Loaf Bread

 For those who like colorful and want you to try to make Twist Loaf Bread , the bread recipe is 3 colors: green tea, white and cocoa color, which can be modified to any other color as you like. Twist Loaf Bread Ingredients  Bread Flour

sweet potato bread

Sweet Potato Bread

        Anyone who wants to know how sweet potato bread looks like, must try it. Start by boiling the sweet potato and mashing it. And mixed with bread flour, granulated sugar, salt and fresh milk. When kneaded until smooth, add butter and knead until combined and rest

Hokkaido bread

Hokkaido bread

Anyone who likes to eat Hokkaido bread anyway and wants to try making it by yourself. This recipe is made with wet flour to make bread softer. And paint an egg on the bread to make it shiny. Wet powder ingredients (Tangzhong Method) 125 grams of water

whole wheat banana bread

Whole wheat banana bread

For health lovers who want to try making the most healthy bread. We offer whole wheat banana bread with yogurt, honey and vanilla flavor. Whoever adds grains, whoever likes it. Dry ingredients Fine whole wheat flour 1 cup + 1/2 cup 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon

whole wheat tortilla.

Whole Wheat Tortilla

And then got the breakfast menu. That is a whole wheat tortilla. Hold the batter until it is cooked, then add the vegetables and meat as you like. That’s it. Whole Wheat Tortilla Ingredients 1 + 1/2 cups whole wheat flour 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 2 tablespoons olive

Whole wheat bun

Whole wheat bun

        Would you like to switch to making buns? Whole wheat bun This recipe is made with whole wheat flour, added fresh milk, milk powder and butter to add sweetness from brown sugar. Whole wheat bun ingredients 200 grams of bread flour Whole wheat flour 70

Chia seed and white sesame Bread

Chia seed and white sesame Bread

Chia seed and white sesame Bread. Who knew that healthy whole-grain chia seeds would be able to make healthy breads too? This special recipe contains roasted white sesame seeds. Want to know how good it is, let’s follow along. Ingredients 350 grams of bread flour 25 grams of granulated