Brazil’s doctor tells Neymar he needs a scan to know how much he’s hurt.

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Rodrigo Lasmar, head of the Brazilian national team’s medical football team. Gave an update on Neymar injury from yesterday’s 0-2 loss to Uruguay, saying that. Initially it was just a shock absorber and a cane to help him walk to fly back for a detailed scan to Sao Paulo.

2026 World Cup qualifying round, South America zone in Montevideo Last Tuesday (local). The ‘Samba’ situation was demoralizing when they were behind 0-1. Then within a minute, the ball was kicked by Neymar, but was cut down by Nicolas de la Cruz, who normally fell down. 

But his left knee jerked. Both had a foot strain on their left Achilles tendon and were unable to continue playing, so Richarlison came on instead in 45+4 minutes. 

Pictures emerged after the game of the 31-year-old star wearing impact protection from above his left knee down to the bottom of his leg. Interpretation that the damaged point is the muscle behind the knee or the knee. UFABET 

It will be more certain in another 48-72 hours when the electromagnetic wave scan results are complete. 

Dr. Lasmar told Globo Esporte.

“We have to do all the testing. It will be done on (local) Wednesdays.”

“The next 24 hours are important to see how the knee will respond, how it will swell. and the images of the test will be specific in which location the diagnosis is made.” 

“It is too early to tell if it is knee ligament damage or not. Just wait for the scan results to come out first. will be thoroughly examined, thoroughly evaluated Once we know for sure, we will hasten to inform the media.” 

Neymar’s body is getting worse and worse with age and his hedonistic lifestyle. Before this, he missed more than half a year between March-September to rehabilitate the right ankle ligament problem. 

The defeat at Estadio Centenario also ended the Seleção’s 37-match unbeaten run in World Cup qualifying, Conmebol Zone.