Cole believes in Jude potential to carry a champion.

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Channel 4 analyst Joe Cole sees the shadow of Argentina captain Lionel Messi shadowing England captain Jude Bellingham. It is believed that if the standards shown can be maintained. The Football Euro 2024 tournament will have a chance to reach the championship.

Bellingham just called a penalty and provided one assist in the Euro 2024 qualifying round. Winning 3-1 yesterday to guarantee passage to the final round in Germany. UFABET 

As of the 2023-24 calendar season. Jude has been involved in 16 goals in 13 games for his national team (1 goal, two assists in three games) and Real Madrid (10 goals, three assists in 10 games)

The 20-year-old midfielder’s impressive form has made Cole think of Messi when he carried the team. ‘Fah-White’ which had a scrappy start in the Qatar World Cup 2022. But in the end was able to win the world championship for the third time. 

Former playmaker said:

“I don’t want to compare Bellingham with Messi. But when ‘Leo’ is in the role of leading the Argentina national team to the 2022 World Cup, I think Jude can do it for the England national team.”

“Because at the same age as 20 years old, Lionel is not as mature as Jude.”

As for the future, Cole doesn’t believe Bellingham will return to play in the English Premier League anytime soon. 

“Playing at Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti is nurturing him, and next year he will get Kylian Mbappe to join forces again.” 

“You can understand that. At ‘The White King’, that is a top 3 club in the world of football, why would you come back to play football in your hometown?” 

“Even after sweeping all the successes there In my mind I might be more ambitious to come back and carry one of the clubs in my home league to do the same.”

“But when you belong to an elite team There is no reason to leave when Madrid is one of the three world powers.”

Bellingham ‘s contract runs until June 2029, with a release clause worth € 1 billion .