Spalletti doesn’t fear Italy’s World Cup nightmare.

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Luciano Spalletti the Italian national team coach Announced without the slightest fear. That the Azzurri might miss out on playing in the football Euro 2024 finals. After being heartbroken and shocked by missing out on World Cup tickets the last two times.

Italy recently lost to England 1-3 in the Euro 2024 Qualifying Round, Group C. Dropping them to 3rd place in the group with 10 points, behind England 6 points and Ukraine 3 points.UFABET  This group was the first team to reach the final round.

Italy are now guaranteed a play-off spot as UEFA Nations League group champions. But will automatically secure a Euro 2020 spot if they finish second in their qualifying group. There are conditions that must be overcome. North Macedonia and not lose to Ukraine in the last 2 matches or even if they lose North Macedonia. But there is still a chance to win a ticket to the final round. If they win against Ukraine in the fateful game that will be played in a neutral stadium in Germany.


Italy had missed out on qualifying for a major World Cup tournament two times in a row. In the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, causing many football fans to secretly fear Euro 2024. This time the situation is risky.

When asked if he was afraid that Italy might be eliminated from the Euro qualifiers. Repeating the nightmare of the last two World Cups. Spalletti loudly replied: “I’m not afraid of anything. And I would be very surprised if my players are afraid. We have quality to fight against everyone.”

“This is not a result that says we are not courageous. Or say we can’t play football the way we want to. We will continue to play the same way. But of course there are moments in the game that we have to study and wait for.”