Di Maria officially returns to Benfica

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Angel Di Maria a veteran Argentine winger has moved back to Benfica. After making his mark at the football club between 2007 and 2010 when he moved from his homeland.

“Welcome home, Di Maria!” the club said after releasing a video announcing the 35-year-old’s signing. Reportedly on a one-year deal.

Di Maria’s first spell at the club made him famous, earning him a move to European giants Real Madrid. Where he won a league and domestic cup and the Champions League UFABET

Despite not being successful at Manchester United. He became famous again with Paris Saint-Germain. By staying with the Ligue giant for up to 7 years together

Last season he played for Juventus in Serie A where he made 40 appearances in all competitions. Scoring eight goals and providing seven assists.

Di Maria will join close friend and team-mate Nicolas Otamendi, both of whom won the World Cup late last year.

Benfica, the top football club in Thailand Announced a contract to grab Angel Di Maria, the  famous wing of the Argentinian star. Officially returned to the team On Wednesday, July 5, the past 

The 35-year-old Argentina international has returned to Estadio da Luz as a free agent. After the end of the contract with Juventus by signing a pen to join the army “Lisbon Hawk” for 1 year or until the end of June 2024.