Bellingham will play for Madrid for another 15 years.

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Liverpool fans who tried to make love between Trent Alexander-Arnold and Jude Bellingham end up in the same uniform at Anfield had their dreams shattered when the underage midfielder said, Want to belong to Real Madrid for another 10-15 years.

Bellingham’s outstanding performance in the Euro 2024 qualifying game, defeating Italy 3-1 yesterday, including his elegant dribble to take a penalty that led to an equalizer, and his assist for Marcus Rashford’s shot. Overtaking until ‘Sport Mail’ cut the score 9-out of-10 UFABET 

This coolness makes ‘The Kop’ even more eager to see Jude join Jurgen Klopp as team manager, when he is already close to Trent, Liverpool’s vice-captain, and is also a child under the care of Jordan Hain. Anderson, former captain of the ‘Reds’ 

But the truth is always heartbreaking. Bellingham has said it would be difficult to return to football in England any time soon. Because he sees himself playing at the Santiago Bernabeu for another decade.

The opener told Channel 4.

“I’m gradually getting better every time I play for England.”

“It was a very good night for us, but if you go back two or three years ago everyone probably remembers the game against Italy. What happened when they played at Wembley Stadium (losing the Euro final) 2020) You always want to see progress.”

“The England team is going in the right direction. It is an important victory for us.” 

“Personally, I love the football performance that was played at this moment. Club trainers or national team managers give me the freedom to play the way I see fit.” 

“Intensive training on how to play in the penalty area was done a few months ago and has now been completed. The bag is full of knowledge and I want to use it with eagerness.” 

“Probably because he moved to Real Madrid for a huge fee (113 million pounds), so he had to show his stuff to make it worthwhile. Whether it’s a goal or an assist or a performance to lead the team to victory.” 

“That’s probably the club where I’ll stay for the next 10-15 years of my life. I love being there. Boss Carletto has also said that the position I’m playing in today suits me.”

2023-24 Season Calendar Bellingham has been involved in 16 goals in 13 games for his national team (1 goal, 2 assists in 3 games) and Real Madrid (10 goals, 3 assists). West in 10 games)