What are introverts like?

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However, introverts personality is just a characteristic and not a disorder. People in this group can live happily just like people with other different personalities body .

Many people may think that people with this personality type must be anti-social and cold. But in fact, these people can also be warm and caring towards those around them. Therefore, this idea cannot be used to judge people with an introvert personality.UFABET  

In this regard, people with introvert personalities often have the following characteristics:

They think best when alone and demonstrate problem-solving or creativity skills best when alone, so they may dislike meetings or group discussions.

Likes to spend time alone. When having free time, tends to relax by doing activities that allow him to spend time alone, such as reading books, listening to music, or playing games. However, sometimes he also wants to socialize with people around him.

They don’t like to express their opinions , especially in large groups, because they don’t want to be the center of attention. Therefore, people with introverted personalities may be asked to express their opinions frequently.

Tend to avoid talking or interacting with other people , such as during commuting or when meeting many people, such as taking the train, waiting for a bus, or walking through a crowded area.

Avoid talking to people who are upset. 

A study tested the eye-roll response of introverts and extroverts by having both groups of people stare at pictures of faces moving their eyes on a computer screen. Introverts tend to look away from pictures of faces that show dissatisfaction, while extroverts tend to roll their eyes normally. This is because introverts are sensitive to negative feelings and tend to think that people are angry because they have upset them.

Rarely initiates communication with others. Whether by phone, social media, or email. Therefore, it is not suitable for jobs that require communicating with a large number of people. If it is necessary to initiate communication with others. It is usually done through social media rather than by phone directly.

I don’t like to open a conversation with people I’m not close to. Especially strangers. And if there’s something that makes me uncomfortable. I won’t reveal it to others, except with people I feel really close to and trust.