Tips For Buying Cosmetic Safely.

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Before choosing to buy any cosmetic. In addition to the benefits in terms of beauty, value and price, safety is also an important thing. That women must not forget to think about. Because nowadays there are many substandard cosmetics sold all over the market. 

Clear label

Make sure that the product you are going to buy has complete details on the label as specified by the FDA. This is to prevent the purchase of counterfeit cosmetics. UFABET  That may contain dangerous ingredients. Choose products with clear product labels and registration numbers from the FDA. Consumers should choose cosmetics with Thai labels and specify all necessary information. Including the name and type of cosmetic, ingredients, usage instructions, month and year of manufacture, notification number, and warnings. 

Reliable source

Buying cosmetics from a reliable distributor is another thing that should not be overlooked. You should choose products that clearly state the name and location of the manufacturer or importer on the label. If the cosmetics you buy have problems or are not up to standard. You can still contact and demand responsibility.

Does not contain any prohibited substances

Some chemicals used as ingredients in cosmetics can be harmful to health. Some consumers may experience allergic reactions, hair loss, asthma, and may be at risk of cancer. The FDA has announced a list of prohibited substances. That are not allowed to be used as ingredients in cosmetics. Including mercury, hydroquinone, steroids and retinoic acid.