Salmon Steak with Brown Rice.

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          Cook brown rice and wait. Will be paired with salmon steak. Recipe is easy for you. top with special salty, sweet sauce UFABET

Ingredients Salmon Steak with Brown Rice

     1 piece of salmon
     A little sea salt

A little black pepper
     Water ( (for blanching vegetables)
     4 asparagus, or any other vegetable of choice

2 Tbsp plum sauce
     1 Tbsp Kikkoman sauce or low sodium soy sauce
     a little olive oil
     1 cup cooked brown rice
     carrots (use (Slice the fruit into large strips)
     Slice cherry tomatoes (garnish)

How to make salmon steak with brown rice.

     1. Put a little olive oil in the pan. When it is hot, put the salmon fillets into the grill pan.
     2. Sprinkle a little salt and ground black pepper over the salmon fillets. Grill until the fish fillets are cooked. Flip the fillet over and sprinkle with black pepper and salt again. When the fish is cooked, put it on a plate and prepare it.
     3. Use the same pan to add enough water. Wait until boiling, then add the asparagus to scald until cooked. Then discard the water to scald the vegetables. Then season with salt and a little ground black pepper. Stir to combine Scoop up onto a plate and set aside.
     4. Add plum sauce and Kikkoman sauce. put on low heat Simmer enough to combine and begin to thicken. Leave the light off Place a plate of simmered sauce over the fish fillet and serve.