Grilled Chicken. 

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     The menu at restaurant that you should not miss is the grilled chicken menu. A recipe from us. This recipe uses marinated chicken to be grill on a pan until the skin is charred. It’s cool to eat with steam rice. 


     600 g chicken thigh
     3 tbsp oyster sauce
     1 tbsp Sam Phai (coriander root, garlic and pepper pounded together)
     1 tsp coarsely ground black pepper

How to cook grilled chicken?

      1. Marinate chicken thighs with oyster sauce and three friends together.
      2. Sprinkle black pepper and mix well.
      Leave to marinate for 1 hour. Place the chicken on the pan to roast. By removing the leather part first.
      4. Close the lid and reduce to low heat. Once the chicken is cook, flip it over. Close the lid and wait until it’s completely cook. 
      5. When the chicken is cooked. Flip it over and put the skin on the pan again then use the strongest power. To make the skin scorched, beautiful, finished. UFABET

Grilled Chicken is a very popular recipe made with chicken. Hung curd and spices like cumin powder and black pepper. It is a perfect chicken recipe for a quick meal and will be love by everyone for its amazing flavours. This delicious and filling recipe is sure to woo your taste buds. You can prepare this yummy dish for occasions like anniversaries and kitty parties.